Amblers Safety FS513 S2 Boot (White)


Sizes 3 – 12 (UK)
Hygeine Boots


Amblers Safety FS513 S2 Boot (White) is ergonomically designed to offer hygiene, traction, safety and prolonged standing footwear solutions. It is machine washable at 30°c to ensure stringent clinical and food industry hygiene standards. Easy to wipe clean to prevent cross-contamination, and can be considered in the same way as any cloth in order to plan periodical washing.

AEGIS Microbe Shield® provides protection against odour/staining/deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus and other micro-organisms. The sole gives a high-level of slip resistance essential where slips from spillages is a real risk. Resistant to various low concentraction acids, oils, animal plant oils and fats, blood, disinfectants and cleaning chemicals.

The soles also feature an energy absorbing heel, reducing the impact on joints throughout day-to-day work. Lightweight metal free toe cap. The wide and roomy toe box area allows feet to maintain a natural position during work. Comfort fitted with a thick anti-bacterial insole.


Safety Category : S2
Marking Code : SRC


  • Antistatic
  • Water Resistant
  • Toe Protection
  • Heel energy absorption
  • Composite cap
  • Slip resistant


  • ISO20345:2011

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*See our Guide to Safety Footwear Codes and Standards for more information

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