Amblers Safety Boots FS219 (Brown)


Sizes 4 – 14 (UK)
Safety Boots


Amblers Safety Boots FS219 (Brown): Amblers Safety Brown Tie Top rigger-style with warm lining. Safety footwear with a leather upper. Antistatic and energy absorbing Heel. Penetration resistant to 1100 newtons. Toe cap to 200 joules. TPU/PU Sole. Antistatic protection. Easy pull-on Loops. Drawstring padded top closure for secure fit. Extra padding around the ankle and a bump toe for extra protection.


Safety Category* : S1
Marking Code* : P+SRC


  • Midsole
  • Antistatic
  • Toe Protection
  • Heel energy absorption
  • Slip resistant


  • TPU/PU Sole
  • Tie-Top Rigger
  • ISO20345

*For more information see our Guide to Safety Footwear Codes and Standards

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